Basic Rules of American Football

Basic Rules of American Football

Out of the many sports in the world, American football is the most famous in the USA. To newly converted fans, the game may seem overly complex. While American football can be a bit complex, here are the basic rules to know about this sport. 

Scoring System in American Football

The scoring system is the most important rule to remember. Like other sports, the purpose behind American football is to score more points than the opposite team. Here’s how the scoring works:

1. Touchdown (6 Points)

A team gets six points when a team member crosses the opposite team’s goal line with the ball in hand, catches the ball, or collects it in the end zone. 

2. Field Goal (3 points)

The best time to score a field goal is when the team is on the fourth down. If the team’s kicker is closer to the end zone and can kick the ball through the upright posts, his team gets a three-point goal. 

3. Safety (2 points)

When the opposing team player is on the defensive team’s side with the ball in hand, the defensive team can gain two points if they tackle the member with the ball within their end zone. 

4. Extra Point (1 or 2 points)

After the touchdown, if a player kicks the ball through the upright posts, the team gains an extra point. The team earns two points if they can take the ball into the end zone again. This is pretty difficult, and usually, teams prefer to target the one point mark. 

About the Game

The game consists of:

  • Usually, the regular games comprise of two teams. Each team has eleven players on the field. One team is on offense, and the other is works as a defense.
  • There are four quarters. Each quarter has a time duration of 15 minutes. 
  • Each team usually gets three time-outs per half. The half-time interval consists of 12 minutes duration. 
  • The game solely focuses on getting the ball into the opposition’s “end zone”. This can be done by running with the ball until the player is tackled, passing the pass to the teammate downfield until you are towards the end zone. 
  • Although the team on the field comprises 11 players, the team has a total of 45 players. The critical player is the quarterback who dominates the game.

These exciting rules and scoring systems make American football more exciting and appealing for the players and the fans. 

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