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Monday, April 21, 4:00no cover!
Pub Night
Pub atmosphere
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Tuesday, April 22, 8:00no cover!
Greatest Stories Ever Told
Grateful Dead/ Jerry Garcia/ Bob Dylan Revue
   Artists ranging from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to the Police and Steely Dan. ... their music is timeless, and invites cover and interpretation. Come down and join GSET as they jam classic rock and blues and introduce new interpretations of the music you love.

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Wednesday, April 23, 9:00$5
Self Proclaimed, The Verge,
Pop- Punk, Alternative
   Full of energy and projecting a good stage presence. They played fast tempo songs with catchy hooks making it easy for new listeners to jump on board with their sound. - Ashley Hassinger, Submerge Magazine Self Proclaimed is a four piece Pop/Punk-Alternative Rock band from Sacramento, CA, that formed in early 2009. Self Proclaimed has drawn from many influences from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's music, with such bands as Blink 182, The Starting Line, Saosin, Def Leppard and Saves The Day.
    They have played with national acts such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Secondhand Serenade, Rehab, Family Force Five, Hell or Highwater, and many more.

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Thursday, April 24, 8:00$5
Direct Divide,
The Chick P's,
Vanishing Affair
Alternative Cinematic Rock
Blues, Rock, Pop
   We are Direct Divide, an alternative rock band from Seattle Washington, now relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Our music incorporates cinematic elements including electric violin and piano, rock guitars, and big drums. We go from intense story-driven songs to hard hitting rock but always with tons of melody and emotion.
   Direct Divide writes music that makes you feel. The band incorporates rock, progressive, and alternative elements from bands like Muse, Florence and the Machine, A Perfect Circle, Silversun Pickups, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Their lineup of guitar, electric violin, keyboards, bass and drums alongside front person female vocals produces cinematic and moving songs with an alternative rock edge.
   --Not one to bandy about the word “epic” very often, Direct Divide‘s music definitely brings about that descriptive. After a couple of listens to their debut album titled Bridges, it becomes clear that this is not just a band playing at folly, creating songs with interesting time changes and melodies just because they can…It is in the use of serious subject matter along with well-executed hard rock songs shimmering with the backing of piano and violin that gives this band a major boost. Combining the hard and the soft, the serious and the playful, the pain and the beauty, is what totally works for them.” – Nathan Pike AllWhatsRock
   What makes a band demand your attention… ignite, excite and draw you in? Is it heart-breaking harmonies? Stand-out vocals? Emotion drenched lyrics? High -energy performances? Screaming guitar solos? Rocking originals and covers that force you to get up and dance? The Chick P’s bring all of this and more. A fun, spirited, rock and blues band made up of 4 chicks and a guy named Guy …the band’s guitar muse. They are pound for pound, a contagiously fun, feel-good band!
   Founded in Northern California in 2006, by song writing partners, Shannon Alley and Cindy Mooney, the band came together on a whim and quickly began shape shifting, with the addition of Karen McIntyre, percussionist turned bassist . What started as a folk cover band, featuring strong vocal talents and harmonious arrangements, gained energy and new direction, with the arrival of drummer Sara Maitri . Along came guitarist , Guy Sperry, talented & enthusiastic , opening the band to greater horizons. Rock & blues was born into the group, and with the vocals to pull it off, The Chick P’s have become infectious! Count on classic rock , danceable blues, AND A ROCKIN’ GOOD TIME with The Chick P’s

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Friday, April 25, 9:00$5
Jenn Roger Band, Mike Justis Band, Tamara Phelan Trio
Folk Americana
   Jenn Rogar is an exceptional singer / Song/writer with a voice no one will soon forget.Influeb=nced over the years bywell known folk singers such as Utah Phillips , Woody Guthrie , Joan Baez and Holly Nearjust to name a few, Jenn`s songs pair together poetic words with a soothing voice that has bee described as having a naturalness that creates a music that is relaxing and highly listenable . Her latest release " Shasta "is produced by legendary Sacramento performer and engineer David Houston.Since 1997 Jenn Rogar has performed at coffee houses , clubs ,festivals. rallies and fundraisers. Her band includes Steve McLane on Guitar and Ken Rabiroff on Bass.
   Singer/songwriter Mike Justis and his band, based in Northern California, have been playing their unique brand of folk, blues, and Americana music for over thirty years. Mike’s debut album, “Barroom Philosopher”, was recorded in 2008. His latest album, “One Foot In”, was released earlier this year. Both albums offer up eclectic styles of original music. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine selected Mike’s song “On the Modoc Line” for their 2012 “Songwriters Sampler” CD. The Mike Justis Band consists of longtime friends Kathy Barwick, playing mandolin, resophonic guitar and vocal harmonies, and Steve McLane, playing electric and acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. Often, during live performances the band is amped up with bassists Steve O’Neil and Jeff Sears. Mike believes that the outstanding musicians who play with him have brought his songs alive with their extraordinary creative styles. The live shows are where the music comes alive!
   A new sound with some of the best of the old sound , Tamara Phelan`s music is the very definition of Americana .Notable for killer harmonies an poetic yet down to earth lyrics, there will never be any question as to where this musician/ singer/ songwriter grew up.Her songs are a distillation of life in America .No slave to genre and never boring the effect is just great music

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Saturday, April 26, 9:00$5
Joe Friday
80's Rock Covers
   Joe Friday the band formed in 1999 and focused on playing songs we loved and that got the crowds on their feet. From our first gig at the Owl Club to the Folsom Powerhouse, we’ve made it our purpose to have fun, make the bar money and entertain the audience. Bars and Clubs we’ve played have always re-booked us. The list of bars & clubs we’ve played over the years include The Folsom Hotel, Mandango’s in Roseville, PJ’s in Placerville, Marilyn’s on K, Tokyo Fro’s, Dillians in Lincoln, Grumpy’s in Marysville, The Sport’s Garage in Folsom, The Powerhouse in Folsom, Pistol Petes in Auburn, The Main Street Area in Roseville, Yager’s in Folsom, The El Dorado Saloon in El Dorado Hills, The Owl Club in Roseville and The Purple Place in El Dorado Hills.

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Friday, May 9, 9:00$7
($5 adv)
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CIP Afterparty featuring
Drop Dead Red,
Rubbidy Buppidy
Indie Rock
    Gabriel Nelson has played electric bass in Sacramento for many years backing up varios artists on stage and in the studio. He has been in Rock,Folk, Punk and Jazz Bands.Two years ago he decided to start writing his own material and formed his new band " Bellygunner "which combines all the various musical influences into it`s own special blend.Joining Gabe ( guitar and vocals) in the band are his wife Peggy Lanza ( Keyboards and Harmonies ), Tom Monson ( Drums ) , Joshua Krage (Guitar and Harmony )and Michael Palmer on Bass.
   Their music can be found on YouTube
   This boisterous, soulful band is one of a kind here in Sacramento. DuHain's Joplin-esque vocals are chilling and sensual as her band fills the room with sound. They're one hell of a "drinking band", too; these guys will have your glasses raised and your senses tingling.
   Think seductive, soulful tunes with an Americana flair sealed with enough bluesy bravado that it might even make the late Waters raise an eyebrow.
    And whether she’s singing about heartache, depression or illness, DuHain said she writes music as a way to connect with the audience and insists they leave knowing one simple thing.
   “[T]hey’re not alone,” DuHain said. “Any weirdness, any oddities, any pain, any singularity that they felt was damaging or solitary, they’re not alone. And they can convene with people who are like-minded.” - Steph Rodriguez, Sacramento News & Review
   -- "She’s a name you’ve likely heard, if not read about in alt papers like The Sacramento News & Review. If you’ve seen her in person, she is unmistakable. Imagine you walk into a show and see a tall, curvy woman with a guitar, belting out heartbreak and songs about rising from the ashes of the naive girl who got mixed up. One doesn’t forget this gal." - Karl Smarkel,
   -- "DuHain translates emotion through a knack for songwriting and a knockout voice that mixes whiskey, smoke and heartbreak while never letting go of the delicacy of love and desire." - Deb Belt, Sacramento Press

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