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Please Note:
     Seating is limited. Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee seating, so we suggest you come early (doors normally open 2 hours before the event).
    As always, you must be 21 to enter the premises. Please bring ID.

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great sold-out shows like:
Jackie Greene, Nick Gravenites, Mother Hips, Bitch,
David LaFlamme, Lydia Pense, Country Joe,
Steve Forbert, Nicki Bluhm, Sal Valentino,
Zeparella, Todd Snider, Doug Stanhope ...

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Sunday, October 19, 8:00no cover!
Sunday Showcase
no comedy this night only open mic at 8:30
   open mic comedy 6:30pm-8pm (sign up @ 5:30), hosted by Wendy Lewis
   open mic/band auditions 9 pm-... Hosted by Carlt Duhain of Drop Dead Red
    Sign ups @ 8:30. Weekly featured artists will give you inspiration and entertainment, and this is a great opportunity to show Marilyn's why we should book your band!! We want to see what you've got, Sacramento!
   Happy hour prices all night!!!!

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Sunday, October 19, 5:00no cover!
jazz show
Pub atmosphere
   Happy Hour prices

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Monday, October 20, 8:00no cover!
Pub Night
Pub atmosphere
   Happy Hour prices

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Tuesday, October 21, 8:00no cover!
Greatest Stories Ever Told
Grateful Dead/ Jerry Garcia/ Bob Dylan Revue
   Artists ranging from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to the Police and Steely Dan. ... their music is timeless, and invites cover and interpretation. Come down and join GSET as they jam classic rock and blues and introduce new interpretations of the music you love.

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Wednesday, October 22, 8:00$5
Galaxy Star

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Thursday, October 23, 8:00$7
($5 adv)
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We Went To The Moon
Dark Dance Rock/Electronic/Hip Hop/Ambient
   We Went To The Moon is a 3 piece electronic rock group from Sacramento, CA lead by Producer/Vocalist Darin Bradford, Tom Weeks on guitar, and Ryan Maples on Drums. Their genre bending hip hop infused rock with strong melodic vocals is a new artistic take that explores and evolves sonic creativity while still maintaining pop sensibilities and  palatable song structures with intriguing lyrics and big hooks.
   Their creativity also extends beyond the confines of the music into the visual aspects of their performance by integrating media and partnering collaborative efforts in the areas of fashion and dance.

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Friday, October 24, 9:00 $7
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Denver J Band,
Be Brave Bold Robot
Honest Pop Rock
Folk Rock / Funk / Pop
   The Denver J Band is forged from the remnants of a world we've destroyed. In this Post-Apocalypse, we find ourselves working with the musical and artistic elements leftover from the last age to create brand new experiences. The world may be over, but as long as there are people, there will be music. The Denver J Band, all we are is music.

    Gabriel Nelson has played electric bass in Sacramento for many years backing up varios artists on stage and in the studio. He has been in Rock,Folk, Punk and Jazz Bands.Two years ago he decided to start writing his own material and formed his new band " Bellygunner "which combines all the various musical influences into it`s own special blend.Joining Gabe ( guitar and vocals) in the band are his wife Peggy Lanza ( Keyboards and Harmonies ), Tom Monson ( Drums ) , Joshua Krage (Guitar and Harmony )and Michael Palmer on Bass.
   Their music can be found on YouTube
   Be Brave Bold Robot is Soul Coughing meets the Mountain Goats meets Bob Dylan meets Tom Waits meets the Counting Crows meets Calexico meets a good friend for a beer and a Bob Wilson lecture.
   SingerSongwriter songs about love and grandmothers and justice and life-affirming attitudes. lots of sweat and passion. several different key meditations, and just enough tempo changes to keep things at least mildly interesting. Be Brave Bold Robot is a joyous celebration of sinful innocense. of deliberate absentmindedness. of Social Obligation that tries not to think too much of itself. one more existential distraction that coyly begs the question, "are you really being honest?"
   Their sound is something akin to the Counting Crows covering Frank Zappa, or like Calexico performing the collected works of Les Claypool. There's plenty of Arizona "desert core" sound in Be Brave's sonic pallet, but it doesn't hammer on it enough to make it ridiculous. This is good music, and you should hear it.

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Saturday, October 25, 9:00no cover!
The Darling Clementines Halloween Spooktacular
   More Than A show...The Darling Clementines Bohemian Burlesque Review is a dynamic one of a kind entertaiment experience. We are a group of talented experienced performers with one shared goal, to knock the socks off of every audience we meet!
   Our show has a diversity that is thrilling!!!!
   Burlesque performers, Belly dancers, Aerial dancers, Fire eaters and dancers, twisted balleriens, Stand up comedy, Live bands and musical talents, and a mentalist show you have to see to believe.
   Our vision is to bring classic and modern burlesque and variety to our community in a way that will not only bring exciting entertainment but also encourage audience members to take another look at how they see beauty and sexuality in our culture and society. By embracing Burlesque paired with other classic dance disciplines we are able to showcase a variety of ground breaking entertainment that not only entertains but also empowers!

Coming Soon

Saturday, November 1, ALL DAY ! $5

Farewell Party

Come help us celebrate !
There will be surprises. What kind of suprises?
Well, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?
Check back later
for bands line up

...but we're not gone yet! Come on down for the party!

Marilyn's on K Closing After 16 Years

   Marilyn's announces that it is closing after November 1st.
   We'd like to thank our loyal customers, whom we consider our friends and family, for your support over the last 16 years. We are also proud of our employees who have made the Marilyn's experience possible over the years.
   Marilyn's began as "Marilyn's on 12th and K" in 1998, before that corner became gentrified. That was before IMAX, K-Bar, Esquire, Sheraton, etc. Those days, Marilyn's was the only bar in the neighborhood, hosting construction workers when they got off shifts, and entertaining Hyatt customers seeking a local, informal pub experience.
   When the landlord at 12th and K was foreclosed, the new owner's vision did not include a bar. Having established a presence on K Street, Marilyn's moved down the street and found a unique "underground" opportunity near 9th Street, reopening in 2005 as "Marilyn's on K".
   With more space, Marilyn's became an eclectic music venue, mixing local bands with national, and even international, acts 7 days a week. Jackie Greene became synonymous with Marilyn's, and his New Year's Eve parties were annual sold-out events until his star rose out of reach, but the Green Room is still labeled the "Greene Room".
   Over the years, Marilyn's became the venue of choice for both traveling acts as well as up-and-coming local bands. More than 1,600 different bands have performed at Marilyn's, each promoted with pictures, narrative descriptions, links, and history. While capacity seating was brought in for major acts, the usual vibe was a free-flowing crowd enjoying an intimate interaction with the bands, and taking advantage of the large dance floor. Marilyn's became known for introducing live band karaoke, where customers could experience the thrill of singing their favorites, backed by a full, live band. Others have since copied that successful format.
   As a member of the community, Marilyn's frequently hosted charity events, collecting money, clothes, and food donations for those in need. Bands would gather together and perform for free to support a fellow performer stricken with medical problems. With its proximity to the Capitol, lobbyists and politicians could occasionally be spotted, and some campaigns even chose to launch their campaigns from Marilyn's, rather than the steps of the Capitol.
   While most venues cater to a particular demographic, Marilyn's 7-day-a-week format had room for every taste, including bluegrass, heavy metal, classic rock, New Orleans jazz, burlesque, comedy, magic, electronica, blues, Americana, reggae, punk, belly dancing, honky-tonk, R & B, classical music, and the list goes on and on. Tribute bands were always popular, and Sacramento music lovers could always find something to satisfy their tastes in every month's calendar.
   Marilyn's was a trend-setter for Sacramento's entertainment community, and looks forward to watching the evolution of downtown in general, and K Street in particular. In the closing weeks, Marilyn's invites everyone to stop by and enjoy "the vibe" a few more times, and reminisce with staff and fellow customers. Join the party all day and night on Saturday, November 1st !

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