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Sunday, April 13, 7:00 no cover!
Showcase Sundays featuring Leiffy Green, Martin Purtill, Liam Kyle Cahill
American singer-songwriter
acoustic artists
   open mic. comedy starts at 7pm. Talent starts at 9pm. Happy Hour all night.
   Leify Green is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He is best-known for his involvement in the West Coast Swing dance community and for his creative acoustic arrangements of popular songs. Hailed as “the Rock Star of West Coast Swing acoustics,” he performs regularly at major dance conventions all over the United States and Canada. He has released one EP and two digital singles to date and he is currently working on his first full-length album.
   They say Leify Green is a rambling man, a 21st-century nomad with a gypsy soul. He first set out at age 15, spending a summer as a laborer in Montréal. It was there that he first fell in love with the guitar. At 18, he wandered off to the West Coast, making a living performing on street corners and wharves up the California coast and into Oregon and Washington. Over the next few years, he played in various bands, including an Afro Peruvian percussion ensemble in Lima, and he sailed and wrestled for UMBC, where he completed a dual degree in economics and linguistics. A year after graduating, he released his first EP and quit his job to pursue his musical calling full time.
   In 2011, his cover of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” became an underground hit on the international Westie circuit. Since then, he has been on a constant tour of North America, performing live at major dance conventions, local dances, and intimate gatherings alike. More recently, he has gained recognition in the Blues and Fusion dance scenes and he has taught several musicality workshops for dancers all over the United States.
   Green’s musical influences are as diverse as his experiences. His sister is a classically trained trumpet player and his uncle is a master of the Irish fiddle. He listened to John Frusciante and Dave Matthews as a teenager, and he will never lose the African and Latin rhythms that shook his bones in South America. And, of course, the stretch and compression of West Coast Swing is always flowing through his veins and in his music.
   Leify Green is currently hiding out somewhere in the Pacific Northwest to work on his next album. To stay up to date on Leify’s activities and new releases, please subscribe to the Leify Green Conspiracy email newsletter.
   Martin Purtil’s music carries influences drawn from the sea of extended family and friends in the small northern California town where he grew up. In late 1999 he formed the noted band All the Wrong People with longtime friend (and heterosexual life partner) Lee Madeloni. Since 2006, he has performed throughout California as a solo artist, making appearances at Harlows, The Boardwalk, The Press Club, Old Ironsides and Luna’s Cafe. A singer-songwriter, Martin creates from a place of honesty, pain, hope, and the joy he takes in being alive. Music is the gift given him, and it is his gift back to the world.
   Martin makes music for one reason only – to remind us of the love that connects every human being. Through his guitar and his voice, he shares the truth as he knows it. He hopes only that his song reaches someone in their moment of joy, sorrow, inspiration or searching, and reminds them – if just for a moment – that none of us is alone. Don’t stop seeking, don’t stop growing, and never let fear silence your song.
   Raw energy and passion is the fuel behind the driving sound of Liam Kyle Cahill. There are few acoustic artists who can hold a candle to his energetic performances, contained within it whip-smart lyrics and some mighty fine guitar chops.
   He conveys a weary and worn honesty that is a rare commodity in the folk circuit of his generation. Liam's goal: To be as “clever as Frank Turner, raw as Chuck Ragan, vulnerable as Brian Fallon, and entirely grassroots."
   His musical musings are as diverse as his worldly experiences. This young troubadour’s adventurous spirit has carried him all over the US, around Europe, Asia, and down through Central and South America. Listen deeply to Liam's music. He has something good to say...

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Monday, April 14, 4:00 no cover!
Pub Night
Pub atmosphere
   Happy Hour prices

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Tuesday, April 15, 8:00 no cover!
Greatest Stories Ever Told
Grateful Dead/ Jerry Garcia/ Bob Dylan Revue
   Artists ranging from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to the Police and Steely Dan. ... their music is timeless, and invites cover and interpretation. Come down and join GSET as they jam classic rock and blues and introduce new interpretations of the music you love.

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Wednesday, April 16, 9:00 $5
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ONE, Rendezvous with Cool Beans, Dead Larry
Hard Rock
Rock / Funk / Hip Hop
   ONE continues to remain inspired in an unforgiving business that can leave you faced with the kind of adversity most people would never have to confront. With 3 albums, 2 awards, 500+ shows, several videos, and a handful member changes later the band is still going strong.
    Other inspirations for ONE are the bands and musicians that have and continue to write Music History. After finishing their most recent tour, the band decided to take a different direction by recording a heavier rock version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”.
   “We played it for 2 years on the road and never really thought about recording and releasing it, until now! Folsom is such a huge song and Johnny Cash is the ultimate rock n’ roll badass, you need to make sure you pay tribute properly, especially to an icon like him,” says guitar player Chris Staniforth.
    ONE chose the comfort of working with Slaves on Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine at Uplift Studios, as they did with their 2 previous releases.
   “We feel good there. Almost like a second home,” explains singer Danny Rossi. “We get great work done and have a blast doing it”.
   Having not taken this much time off in 6 years, ONE needed to find a way to stay active and inspired.
   “I can’t remember the last time we’ve been home this long. You never realize you would miss the road so much until you take a break,” adds Rossi
    After having built an Army of loyal followers while touring and Headlining some famous venues like the Hard Rock Café and the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, as well as opening for National Tours. ONE is only beginning to put their mark on the music business.
   Led by the multi-talented whiskey-soaked vocals of Kelly "Kels" Rogers (She plays guitar, hand percussion, and get's down "Arangatang" style on the drums) with the smooth-as-silk rhymes of Kyatta "Kaepea" Patton, local original and cover band, R.W.C.B. (Formerly, "Rendezvous w/ Cool Beans") effortlessly blend the sweetest sounds of rock, blues, funk, soul and hip-hop.
   The band rounds itself into a rough thing of beauty with Crystal Rivas' sexy bass lines, "Uncle" Max Perry’s sweet leading guitar licks (Whom sometimes turns in the axe to play some funky bass lines), Lisa "La La" Peterson's infectiously smooth vocals, the warm and consistant back-up harmonies of Jennifer Fritz and Christian St. Croíx's rasp-dusted growl. Michelle Trujillo brings the heat switching off on acoustic rhythm guitar, bass and congas, and Rachel “Sticks” Montano's hard-hitting turn on the drums and her killer switch hiting skills on the bass make this band unstoppable.
   Covers include new-style versions of Nirvana, Radiohead, 4 Non Blondes, The Beatles, The Cranberries , and Sublime.
   The group's original songs, however, are unstoppable by nature.
   Dead Larry’s powerful blend of high energy rock, dance and funk shakes the foundation of modern music. From rock driven sea shanties to pulsating dance beats. From Beatle-esque harmonies to spine chilling screams. From shake-yo-booty funk jams to orchestral themes of space and time travel. Dead Larry is one thing: Original. The band was formed in a basement in high school, and after nearly 10 years of writing, touring, and chasing the dream Dead Larry has a grown to be one of the most prominent independent rock bands coming out of the Midwest.
   "An all too short set by psychedelic funk pop band, Dead Larry, from Iowa City, Iowa, was all I needed to realize where the great music truly was. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Mark McGuiness screamed his lyrics with rock 'n' roll conviction to the raw and dark simplicity of the musical compromise that is the rest of the band. Each member worked their musical niche to create something greater than themselves that is Dead Larry." - Travis Beck (The Daily Nebraskan) on Dead Larry's set during 10,000 Lakes Festival 2008.
   "Dead Larry’s music combines psychedelic rock, funk and pop to create a non-stop party." - Tim Gavin (The Daily Iowan)
   "Dead Larry is amazing! They have that rare combination of incredible diversity and substance, while still dropping funky beats that keep your booty moving!" - Mark Murphy, WookieFoot

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Thursay, April 17, 4:00 no cover!
Pub Night
Pub atmosphere
   Happy Hour prices

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Friday, April 18, 9:00 no cover!
You Front The Band
Live Karaoke
   Grab the mic with all the bravado of a seasoned rocker! YOU FRONT THE BAND puts you and your guests in the spotlight as the vocalist in a live rock band. This isn't ordinary karaoke - this is the ultimate interactive rockstar experience and the hottest trend in live music entertainment. You sing in front of a live band!
   Our backing vocals make less talented singers sound good and good singers sound great. Singers may perform as soloists or as a group. With over 400 songs to choose from spanning seven decades we know there is something for everyone.
   Want to preview the songlist? Just go to

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Saturday, April 19, 9:00 $10
The Stranger Band,
Simple Creation
Alternative, Acoustic, Reggae
   Based out of the south bay of San Diego, neighboring the highest crossed border in the world, STRANGER is turning heads through multicultural and musical diversity with a soulful blend of reggae roots, rock and jazz combined with conscious lyrics and unparalleled musicianship. The name says it all: STRANGER does not fit into a mold. Even from the inception of the group, its diverse mixture of influences set the band apart from the other acts in the reggae genre and led to the band’s mysterious, yet creatively appropriate name. The band formed at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista as a nameless four-piece act consisting of guitar, hand drums, vocals and bass. After only a few short months the boys recorded their first demo consisting of 10 original songs which led to the “STRANGER EP” in 2004 including longtime fan favorites “Woodlands”, “Hometown” and “My Life”. Over the next 3 years the band recorded two full-length albums, “Life Lessons” and Shelter from the Storm”, building their San Diego fan base with sold-out shows and an impact on the Hawaiian Islands with radio and fan favorites “Like a Dream” and “Tomorrow Never Comes”. STRANGER released the album “World Underground” at HOB San Diego in July of 2011 and followed up with the EP release “Above it All” at HOB San Diego in January of 2013.
   Touted as San Diego’s #1 Reggae Band, and winning the Best World Music category at the San Diego Music Awards in 2009, STRANGER is an up-and-coming force, not only with its multifaceted audio recordings, but also because of the bands stellar and amazingly versatile live performances that have constantly thrilled fans in both the US and abroad.

   The story of how Riotmaker came to be is almost as extraordinary as the music itself. Through a series of coincidental meetings and run-ins over the course of almost two decades, fate it seems has taken these four exceptional musicians and brought them together to form one of Sacramento's most promising up-and-coming bands. So it goes, here it goes, the story goes...
   From 1997-2005, Jeffry Valerio was the lead singer and songwriter for Reggae/Rock powerhouse, Shakedown. Over the years, Shakedown shared the stage and toured with many amazing, noteworthy artists such as Papa Roach, UB40, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Fishbone, Bargain Music, Voodoo Glow Skulls, G Love, Markey Ramone, Kottonmouth Kingz, Radioactive (Michael Franti & Spearhead), The Expendables, and The Ziggens among many other outstanding acts. Jeffry departed from Shakedown in 2005, taking a break from the music scene to raise his daughter, until 2009, when he began work on a new solo project he called Riotmaker. After years without so much as writing a song or picking up a guitar, Jeffry was inspired to start writing and recording music again by his then roommate, Riotmaker lead guitarist Mat Venable. Mat has been playing guitar since he was a child, and is an avid home recording artist. His musical endevours caught Jeffry's attention, and together they wrote and developed the beginnings of Riotmaker's debut album, The Sun Has Set on California.
   Over 15 years earlier though, as children, Mat met Riotmaker bassist Scott Kennedy at a birthday party, and the two have been close friends and musical collaborators ever since. When the Riotmaker project started to really take off in 2012, Jeffry and Mat reached out to Scott, who signed on as the band's bassist. And sticking with the theme of cosmic coincidence, just when Jeffry needed to recruit a drummer for the project, he ran into an old friend, Riotmaker drummer Crisros Giotes. An accomplished drummer playing for over 15 years in Sacramento bands such as Amphora, Mindphyx, Ardra, Breaking Glass, Los Gios, Be Brave Bold Robot, Cristos and Jeffry had played together in the band 3 in a Hand back in 1997. Over a decade went by, but somehow the conditions were just right, leading to a casual run-in between old band-mates, which led to the ultimate completion of the Riotmaker lineup.
   Riotmaker's debut album The Sun Has Set on California, originally a solo project, offers everything from chill reggae, to a heavy rock vibe, creating a sound that is unique and appealing to fans of any genre. With production by Jeffry, Mat, and former Shakedown guitarist Aaron Alzamora, the album is a somewhat relaxed, ambient take on the Riotmaker project. When performed live though, the group's talented lineup gives more of an edge and emotional energy to the songs, and truly takes the music to another level. Riotmaker is a standout collection of musicians, songs, thoughts, emotions, and moments in time, all coming together to create one of Sacramento's best new bands.
   Simple Creation started in early 2008 in the Sacramento area with brothers Travis Olmos(Drums/Vocals) and Zach Olmos(Guitar/Vocals) and later added Alex Giranis(Bass) and Joey Steeb(Keys). SC brings a foundation of reggae blended with touches of rock, hip hop, and dub to create their sound. Simple Creation released their debut CD "The Prescription" on August 1st 2011 and since then have been traveling playing shows all over California and beyond. Simple Creation just recently released their new EP "Blue Dream" on October 1st 2012. Simple Creation has had the chance to share the stage with some of the worlds best talents such as J Boog, Rebelution, The Green, Passafire, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Pato Banton, and have played many of California's best music festivals. Simple Creation is known for their great live energetic shows. Be sure to catch a live Simple Creation in your area you won't be disappointed...

Coming Soon

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Thursday, April 24, 8:00 $5
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Direct Divide,
The Chick P's,
Vanishing Affair
Alternative Cinematic Rock
Blues, Rock, Pop
   We are Direct Divide, an alternative rock band from Seattle Washington, now relocated to Los Angeles, CA. Our music incorporates cinematic elements including electric violin and piano, rock guitars, and big drums. We go from intense story-driven songs to hard hitting rock but always with tons of melody and emotion.
   Direct Divide writes music that makes you feel. The band incorporates rock, progressive, and alternative elements from bands like Muse, Florence and the Machine, A Perfect Circle, Silversun Pickups, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Their lineup of guitar, electric violin, keyboards, bass and drums alongside front person female vocals produces cinematic and moving songs with an alternative rock edge.
   --Not one to bandy about the word “epic” very often, Direct Divide‘s music definitely brings about that descriptive. After a couple of listens to their debut album titled Bridges, it becomes clear that this is not just a band playing at folly, creating songs with interesting time changes and melodies just because they can…It is in the use of serious subject matter along with well-executed hard rock songs shimmering with the backing of piano and violin that gives this band a major boost. Combining the hard and the soft, the serious and the playful, the pain and the beauty, is what totally works for them.” – Nathan Pike AllWhatsRock
   What makes a band demand your attention… ignite, excite and draw you in? Is it heart-breaking harmonies? Stand-out vocals? Emotion drenched lyrics? High -energy performances? Screaming guitar solos? Rocking originals and covers that force you to get up and dance? The Chick P’s bring all of this and more. A fun, spirited, rock and blues band made up of 4 chicks and a guy named Guy …the band’s guitar muse. They are pound for pound, a contagiously fun, feel-good band!
   Founded in Northern California in 2006, by song writing partners, Shannon Alley and Cindy Mooney, the band came together on a whim and quickly began shape shifting, with the addition of Karen McIntyre, percussionist turned bassist . What started as a folk cover band, featuring strong vocal talents and harmonious arrangements, gained energy and new direction, with the arrival of drummer Sara Maitri . Along came guitarist , Guy Sperry, talented & enthusiastic , opening the band to greater horizons. Rock & blues was born into the group, and with the vocals to pull it off, The Chick P’s have become infectious! Count on classic rock , danceable blues, AND A ROCKIN’ GOOD TIME with The Chick P’s


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