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     Seating is limited. Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee seating, so we suggest you come early (doors normally open 2 hours before the event).
    As always, you must be 21 to enter the premises. Please bring ID.

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Jackie Greene, Nick Gravenites, Mother Hips, Bitch,
David LaFlamme, Lydia Pense, Country Joe,
Steve Forbert, Nicki Bluhm, Sal Valentino,
Zeparella, Todd Snider, Doug Stanhope ...

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Sunday, October 26, 6:00 $10
Sunday Showcase
   open mic comedy 6:30pm-8pm (sign up @ 5:30), hosted by Wendy Lewis
   open mic/band auditions 9 pm-... Hosted by Carlt Duhain of Drop Dead Red
    Sign ups @ 8:30. Weekly featured artists will give you inspiration and entertainment, and this is a great opportunity to show Marilyn's why we should book your band!! We want to see what you've got, Sacramento!
   Happy hour prices all night!!!!

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Monday, October 27, 8:00$5
Rubbidy Buppidy
featuring members of
The Bumptet,
CFR, and
Funk - Jazz - Rock - Reggae
Funk / Folk Rock / Jazz
   Rubbidy Buppidy is a Sacramento band that is a hybrid of Dial On Dre Ski, three musicians from other local groups joining forces to explore new realms
    Groove masters The Bumptet bring reckless sophistication to each performance with an improvisational, genre-bending approach to music. Their compositions range in style and complexity, moving from deep funk grooves to epic rock crescendos to intricate, fusion-esque lines and back againwith improvisation, forward motion, and an in-the-moment attitude as the only constants.
    Self-described as The Headhunters meets Phish, this Northern California quintet takes listeners on a spirited journey that must be seen live in order to fully appreciate the level of musicianship and soul they bring to every show they play. But dont expect to hear carbon copy renditions of their tunes on stage. They pride themselves on delivering high energy, improvised sets of funk music with jazz caliber execution (including the occasional foray into the jam band outer stratosphere!).
    Jonathan Stoyanoff bass, Barry Eldridge drums, Arlyn Anderson guitar, Andre Fylling keys, Jason Galbraith saxes
   Three piece instrumental band - Funk Jazz, slightly "jam band", but not really. Brad Cacciatore-Bass
   Andre Fylling-Guitar/Keyboard    Mike Ruiz-Drums
   ZuhG means "To be unlike others; to do something different." Appropriate name considering those who are familiar with ZuhG’s music find that the only way to describe their style is unique, different, and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.
   This ensemble of musicians has been making memorable sounds since Bryan Nichols started the band in 2004. It’s their shared love of music and zest for life that brought them together in the first place to form what is now one of the most recognizable bands in the Sacramento area. With constant shows and award nominations, it was only natural they release their long anticipated full length CD titled “To Be Unlike Others” With powerful lyrics inspired by personal triumphs, trails, tribulations, and whatever is going on in their lives, they bring you such fan favorites as “Homeless”, “Follow Me” and “Tell a Lie” These unique and bluntly honest tunes will keep you interested and intrigued… So watch out!

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Tuesday, October 28, 8:00no cover!
Greatest Stories Ever Told
Grateful Dead/ Jerry Garcia/ Bob Dylan Revue
   Artists ranging from Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to the Police and Steely Dan. ... their music is timeless, and invites cover and interpretation. Come down and join GSET as they jam classic rock and blues and introduce new interpretations of the music you love.

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Wednesday, October 29, 8:00$5
Andrew Castro, Triton Taylor, Catherine Dayton, Colleen Heauser, Angelique
Singer Songwriter Showcase
singer / songwriter
Country Music singer/songwriter
Country singer /songwriter
   Andrew Castro is a singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has performed at venues such as; The Mighty, San Francisco, The Rock-it-Room, San Francisco, Drakes, Berkeley, The Back Fence, New York, The Village Under Ground, New York. Andrew was recently commissioned by the author of The Lost Saints of Tennessee, Amy Franklin Willis, to compose songs inspired by the novel that was published by Grove/Atlantic on Feb. 3rd. The two went on a U.S tour in promotion of the book and album.
   The album 'The Lost Saints of Tennessee' is a companion and soundtrack to the novel of the same name by Amy Franklin Willis. Set in the southern states of Tennessee and Virginia, the songs take the listener through a journey of a broken man trying to find his place after traumatizing loss and broken dreams. The character Ezekiel, looks for his life's redemption on a farm in Virginia where he looks to rebuild himself and let go of his hauniting past that he left behind in Tennessee.
   "When your influences are Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, it’s pretty safe to say you’ve got good taste in music. Fortunately, Andrew Castro has more than just great taste in the music he listens to, he also has great taste in the music he creates." -- Progressive Man
   Triton Taylor is a singer/songwriter who grew up listening to the music his musician father, and brother, were playing in the 90's and 00's, which consisted of artists ranging from Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy to groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine.
   He then went on to study at Berklee College of Music where he learned about songwriting, music production, vocal and instrumental technique, and artistry. It was at Berklee Triton explored Soul and R&B genres that have really shaped his current feel and style.
   Through his short twenty-one years of life, the most important thing Triton has learned about music is that, "it's about connecting and inspiring people. When I perform my goal is to connect with my audience and share my music with them in hopes that they will gain something and feel inspired."
   Angelique is just a girl doing what she loves ,writing and performing music to inspire others.
   The lead singer for " Big Trouble " comes in as a solo performer to show her talents as a singer and writer of modern country music.She is a member of Nashville Writers Association International .Her honesty and vulnerability show in a powerful voice and passion in her music.
   24-year-old, Colleen Heauser grew up in the small town of Grass Valley, California. Her music career began during her college years when she was 19. “I didn’t eat for a few months to save up for my first guitar, but it was so worth it!” she said, “I had no idea how to play it, but I was committed to learning. I would stay up for hours playing until my fingers bled” After teaching herself 4 chords her first song was written. “It was titled ‘When I See You Smile’ it was about a boy I had class with and a huge crush on.”Colleen graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and minor in Digital Video and embarked on her musical journey.
   “I’ve always had a love for music of all kinds. There's something about that connection you feel when the guitar resonates on your tummy or the piano hits just right. It's beautiful."
   "I have a love for words. They can devastate and destroy someone, but they can also piece someone back together. Words are powerful, the only words you'll regret are the ones you left unsaid, or in my case unsung. I always compare it to a writer who wrote a book and then let no one read it. There was something I loved about singing in front of someone who connected with my lyrics. When people see me at my most vulnerable and powerful state and the moment is just right, I feel them see themselves in me, it’s beautiful.”

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Thursday, October 30, 8:00$3
Zyah Belle and The Funkshun,
The Alt/Recluse,
The Other Brittany,

    In 2014 Zyah Belle formed the band The Funkshun. After years of standing by the dream of having her music depicted with a "live and intimate feel", she decided to search for the perfect musicians to convey just that. The Funkshun consists of drummer (Daniel Martin), two keyboard players (Joey Karch and Roderick Giles),bass guitar (Ellwood Allen),and saxophone (Whitney Allen). The Funkshun is known for "bringin' the funk". Hence the play on the word "funk" in their band name. With all of the band members priding themselves on their deep roots in soul,r&b,funk,alternative,jazz and gospel,you are destined to be in for a treat when you have the honor of hearing them perform. Zyah Belle leads the band with her strong sultry presence. Which makes for an effervescent show. Zyah Belle and The Funkshun are currently working on releasing a LIVE EP to be released this winter.

   I'm Jarrod Affonso. I push the limits of to create what is considered to be outside the "norm" of popular music. As a multi-instrumentalist, I can pursue my own desires and put out music that brings joy to my heart. Songs new and old will be fashioned to cater to live performances. Playing concerts has always been my first love and I promise this music will change the way people look, listen, and see music. If that sounds bold, it's because my ambitions are as well.

   Sacramento fan’s would agree that, lead singer/songwriter, Brittany McKinney’s writing is Impeccable and many people can really relate to her lyrics as if each song was written for them. TOB works together to create a sound and vibe that everybody can get into. Their melodies are catchy and the experience is memorable. TOB will have the audience asking for more. Each time TOB takes the stage, you will be blown away by the amount of energy and charisma they possess. The way the audience reacts to the music is mesmerizing to watch. You will hear influences from bands like Circa Survive, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coheed and Cambria, but it’s not copy and paste. TOB draws their musical diversity from each member of the band and together they create something new and fresh. When Brittany sings, it’s awesome! Her voice is raw, powerful, and carries a dusky quality that really makes you stop and take notice. Look for a CD release from TOB in early 2013
   Chris Gene and his band have built a name for themselves as a band that can charm a candlelit audience just as easily as they can rock a bar full of weekend drinkers. Chris will take an audience and bring them to their feet. There' no telling what combinational circus of musicians will be sitting in.

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Friday, October 31, 9:00 $10
Abby Normal
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute
Rage Agaisnt The Machine Tribute Band
 The Foresocks are a Sacramento, CA based tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We play everything from the funky Blood Sugar era to the more melodic Peppers of the 2000's.
   Revolver has been playing Rage tunes for about 2 years now. We won best tribute band in the 2012 Sammies. Based out of Sacramento,Ca and features Eric Pigeon on vocals, Steve Anderson on Guitar, Adam Doyle on Bass, And Zack Davis on Drums.

Saturday, November 1, ALL DAY ! Starting at 11:00 a.m. ! no cover!

Farewell Party

Come help us celebrate !
There will be food!
There will be surprises. What kind of suprises?
Well, then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?
Johhnny Favorite - You Front the Band,
Diva Kings / Cuesta Drive All Stars, The Chick P's, Playback (Jerry Van Dyke), Children of the Grave, City of Trees Brass Band, Jay Dirt & JJ Cady, Mercy Me, Tom Radio / Denver J Band,
and more, and more...
The list is growing!
Every band wants to join the send-off!
Who's playing when? Fuggedabouddit! Just drop in!

...but we're not gone yet! Come on down for the party!

Marilyn's on K Closing After 16 Years

   Marilyn's announces that it is closing after November 1st.
   We'd like to thank our loyal customers, whom we consider our friends and family, for your support over the last 16 years. We are also proud of our employees who have made the Marilyn's experience possible over the years.
   Marilyn's began as "Marilyn's on 12th and K" in 1998, before that corner became gentrified. That was before IMAX, K-Bar, Esquire, Sheraton, etc. Those days, Marilyn's was the only bar in the neighborhood, hosting construction workers when they got off shifts, and entertaining Hyatt customers seeking a local, informal pub experience.
   When the landlord at 12th and K was foreclosed, the new owner's vision did not include a bar. Having established a presence on K Street, Marilyn's moved down the street and found a unique "underground" opportunity near 9th Street, reopening in 2005 as "Marilyn's on K".
   With more space, Marilyn's became an eclectic music venue, mixing local bands with national, and even international, acts 7 days a week. Jackie Greene became synonymous with Marilyn's, and his New Year's Eve parties were annual sold-out events until his star rose out of reach, but the Green Room is still labeled the "Greene Room".
   Over the years, Marilyn's became the venue of choice for both traveling acts as well as up-and-coming local bands. More than 1,600 different bands have performed at Marilyn's, each promoted with pictures, narrative descriptions, links, and history. While capacity seating was brought in for major acts, the usual vibe was a free-flowing crowd enjoying an intimate interaction with the bands, and taking advantage of the large dance floor. Marilyn's became known for introducing live band karaoke, where customers could experience the thrill of singing their favorites, backed by a full, live band. Others have since copied that successful format.
   As a member of the community, Marilyn's frequently hosted charity events, collecting money, clothes, and food donations for those in need. Bands would gather together and perform for free to support a fellow performer stricken with medical problems. With its proximity to the Capitol, lobbyists and politicians could occasionally be spotted, and some campaigns even chose to launch their campaigns from Marilyn's, rather than the steps of the Capitol.
   While most venues cater to a particular demographic, Marilyn's 7-day-a-week format had room for every taste, including bluegrass, heavy metal, classic rock, New Orleans jazz, burlesque, comedy, magic, electronica, blues, Americana, reggae, punk, belly dancing, honky-tonk, R & B, classical music, and the list goes on and on. Tribute bands were always popular, and Sacramento music lovers could always find something to satisfy their tastes in every month's calendar.
   Marilyn's was a trend-setter for Sacramento's entertainment community, and looks forward to watching the evolution of downtown in general, and K Street in particular. In the closing weeks, Marilyn's invites everyone to stop by and enjoy "the vibe" a few more times, and reminisce with staff and fellow customers. Join the party all day and night on Saturday, November 1st !

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