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Past Suggestions
Could you post the Karaoke playlist on the web site?
  You can find the songlist at:
You can also find a link there to request a song to be added to their list. It's always a blast! Live band karaoke, only at Marilyn's.
New Newsletter Format
  Time and technology march on. So our new newsletter is in a a new, fnacy format. If your email does not accept web pages, don't worry - it will automatically display a text version. We're really happy with our new format, but we want to hear your ideas. Please let us know what you think!
Marilyn's is Internatioinally Famous !
  It really makes our day when we get feedback like this:
""was there in April 2 nights, driving through on my surprise holiday and celebrated my birthday! Never been to the USA before, Sacramento and for sure Marilyn's and her crew made it worth wile... greetings from the Netherlands, Wendy and Pim. We have seen her play at Old Ironsides a couple of times and I have to say that your establishment and sound quality are much better.
Marilyn's is the best venue in town for live music!
  " We have seen ... play at ... a couple of times and I have to say that your establishment and sound quality are much better. "
"What a great venue for music - can't believe it took me so long to get into Marilyn's. I'll be in again for sure! Lady in the pink dress"
Live Band Karaoke

"it is a big hoot to be at Marilyn's on Thursday nights. F-U-N ! "
"Great karaoke band! Best acoustics I've heard in quite awhile, especially in this town... "

Favorite Bands

"i would really like to see Todd Snider play marilyn's again."
" I really enjoyed the Band Rockslide. Are you going to have them come back soon?"
" I really enjoyed it when you brought Melvin Seals and JGB to perform a show there about this time last year. Please, please, please bring them back. Thanks very much."

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