How the Drastic Effects of COVID-19 has to Turn Out Our Lives?

How the Drastic Effects of COVID-19 has to Turn Out Our Lives?

All of us are bearing the drastic effects of Novel COVID-19. It has almost wedged every portion of our lives. Either it is economic or education, religion or entertainment, transport or tourism, employment or business, personal or public, almost every aspect of our lives is being damaged by the lethal COVID-19 attack. A pandemic outbreaking from China to the US has affected almost every country in the world. The global effects are much more sweeping than what we are imagining.  

The following are some of the across-the-board effects of COVID-19 you must know about:

Economic Downfall 

The global economic downfall is one of the largest effects which COVID-19 brought into our lives. World top economists have clearly stated that it will take years to recover that economic collapse. As COVID-19 has compelled us to lock the commercial markets and bane all kind of transportation either it is inside the country or across the border. Due to which the world’s supply chain has been completely seized. The massive fall in the global stock market due to COVID-19 has changed the whole scenario. Besides, Tourism is always a big count in determining the economy of any country. Due to the global ban on traveling and closing tourist attraction places, tourism has been more affected.  

Failure of the health system 

COVID 19 has even collapsed the most developed health system of the countries like the US, China & Italy. The sudden outbreak causes a shortage of personal protection equipment. Our front-line worriers like doctors, nurses, paramedics fought recklessly against this lethal disease and many of them sacrificed their lives for saving others. 

Impacts on the education system 

The education system has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Governments ordered the educational sector’s authority to promptly close educational institutes to save the lives of millions of students. Although most of the educational departments are trying their best to come up with online learning the outcomes are still not up to the mark. We are imparting degrees but they are just futile without experimental practices. 

Increased unemployment

The level of unemployment that we are facing nowadays is just not ignorable. Millions of people are dying because of impending poverty. Because COVID- 19 has forced our governments to implement strict lockdown almost in every corner of the country. Due to which people have been deprived of their employment, and now they have no resources to where they get money. As restaurants, street vendors, commercial and construction industries all have been made closed. Unemployment has thrown people into the bin for continuous stress and anxiety.  

Distortion of social life  

Covid-19 oblige us for maintaining social distancing from our loved ones. Due to quarantine, we are not allowed to attend parties and social gatherings. The prevailing isolation of a few months has put us in a stressful situation. Different research reports demonstrate that during pandemic people have come up with increased psychological issues like anxiety and stress. As we all know that humans are social animals, so we can’t restrict them to only house boundaries. 

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