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Booking Information for Music and Entertainment

How do we get to play at Marilyn's?

How do we promote the event?

Where do we park and unload?

How do we set up? Where do we put our stuff?

Are there any restrictions we should know about?


A Final word

Note: if you don't have a bio, picture, and info similar to what you see on our web site for other acts, you're not ready for Marilyn's.

To tell us about you and your music
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How do we get to play at Marilyn's?
Send an eMail to Do not call Marillyn's directly. In the eMail, provide contact information, describe the type of music you play, some venues where you have played recently, and how many people you expect to draw at Marilyn's for a weekday and for a weekend. Be realistic. If we book you, be prepared to provide information and images similar to what you see on our events page. Your band description should let people know what kind of music you play, and should convince people who do not know you that they should come hear you. If you don't have comparable bio and images to what you see on our web site, you're not ready for Marilyn's.
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How do we promote the event?
   Look at our events page, and provide us with comparable information well in advance. Late or lame input will adversely affect attendance. The events page is where people decide whether or not to come see you. We cannot over emphasize how important that piece is.
   Do not book at other nightclubs in Sacramento too close to your event at Mariilyn's. That is unfair to both clubs, and produces low turnout.
   We provide calendars, mailing list notices, and link to your web site. You should supplement our efforts with your own flyers, links to our web site, and your own mailing list. We expect you to provide posters to display.. We advertise in Sacramento trade magaizines and organization publications. We have flyers in many local businesses and the major hotels. guiar, drum, music, guitar amp
   The rest is up to you. A low attendance means you don't play at Marilyn's again, so use your best efforts to get the word out.

Where do we park and unload?music guitar, amplifier, instrument loading
   There is no reserved parking. Refer to our directions page and the diagram to the right. You unload in back in the alley and bring your equipment down the delivery ramp. We have a dolly you can use. Do not leave your vehicle and music equipment unlocked or unattended. Bring your equipment in, and then move your vehicle immediately. There is no problem if you are actively loading and unloading, but unattended parking risks a ticket. Keep the doors and gate at the bottom of the ramp closed except when actually passing through. Wait until after all your equipment is in and your vehicles have been moved to set up.

   Remember, Marilyn's is not a concert hall, but a pub / nightclub. You will usually be unloading and settinng up while we are open for business with an after-work crowd. Be professional and respectful of customers, do not block doors and passages, and try to minimize disruption as you move in quietly and set up quickly.

How do we set up? Where do we put our stuff?
   Coordinate with our in-house sound man. Keep sound checks to a minimum, especially if there are other musical acts that night.
   We have a very nice green room, and we also pull curtains to close off a plush seating area for your exclusive use during performances. Stack your amplifier, mixer, microphone, guitar, drum, and other music equipment boxes in these areas and under the pool table. Do not fill up customer areas with music equipment.
   We also provide a table where you can set up for CD and merchandise sales. Your music instruments, such as guitar, drum, mixer, electronic amplifie, equalizer, electronic guitar, bass, drum, organ, keyboard, microphone, equalizer, piano, guitar stand, should be stowed when not in use.
Are there any restrictions we should know about?   
   We do not book hip-hop,rap, or hard-core metal bands. If you're 'music' is laced with obscenities, please don't apply.
   The manager on duty has final say over the sound volume, not you. If you cannot deal with that, do not book at Marilyn's (we operate under strict City rules on sound).
   Absoultely no pyrotechnics, fog machines, or anything of the kind are allowed (we have a very sensitive alarm system).
   Don't surprise us with special equipment and special needs (let us know when booking to make sure we can accommodate you).
   If you have guests, let the doorman know in advance (we cannot shut down the door operation to track you down if someone claims to be your guest).
   Professionals are punctual. Unload on time, set up on time, perform on time, load out promptly (we have other things going on around you).
   Damage to the stage, green room, and other facilities caused by your musicians or guests will be assessed against you (we provide the best accomodations in Sacramento - please enjoy them, but pick up after yourselves). guitar, guitar amp, amplifier, music, drum
   Equipment must be removed promptly. We prefer you remove it after your performance. If you make prior arrangements with us to leave equipment until the next day, you must show up when promised (we have events every day, so if we have to make room, your stuff goes outside). guitar, guitar amp, amplifier, music, drum

   The Stage is 20 ft wide and 14 ft deep. This is an unusually deep stage, so set up to use it effectively. There are 3 power outlet groupings along the back of the stage, and two more power outlet groupings on the front columns. Each power position is an independent 30-amp circuit with nothing else on it, and each circuit is transformer isolated, for a total of 18,000 wats of noise-free power.
   The Greene Room has a dressing counter and mirrors, hanging rack, and chairs. The additional plush seating area in the Nook is available for your exclusive use after about 8:00 p.m., when we close it off with curtains.
   Rest Rooms are shared with customers. Smoking is only allowed outside in the Garden Area (there are ample ashtrays; please use them).
guitar, guitar amp, amplifier, music, drum

A Final Word
   Marilyn's is the premier live entertainment venue in Sacramento. We look forward to working with you to have a fantastic performance, with many future return engagements.
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